Edible Seattle


I photographed chef Tarik Abdullah in his kitchen at Black and Tan Hall in Columbia City, Seattle for the Nov/Dec 2017 issue of Edible Seattle.



Edible Seattle


I photographed for two stories in the September / October issue of Edible Seattle, including the cover image. The first story profiled Warner Lew, a longtime Alaskan fisherman and current fisheries manager for Icicle Seafoods. He also runs a small herring canning business called Deckhand's Daughter. Referring to herring as the "Rodney Dangerfield of the sea," he believes it could have a better fate in the culinary world. The second was a feature of Bartholomew Winery, which is located in the Old Rainier Brewery Building.


New York Times

Food section

I photographed pie maker Kate McDermott in Port Angeles, WA for NYTimes Food article "To Become a Better Cook, Sharpen Your Senses." McDermott is author of Art of The Pie which was recently nominated for a James Beard Book Award. The article ran in the March 29, 2017 printed copy of the New York Times.


Edible Seattle


I traveled to Yakima Valley last fall to photograph Collins Family Orchard for Edible Seattle.

Collin's Family Orchard is a 4th generation family-owned farm and is located in Selah, Washington. Owned and operated by Brian Collins and his father, Calvin, the farm primarily grows fruit. You can find them at any Seattle neighborhood farmers' market.

"One of the most popular types of fruit that the Collins family offers is hybrid fruit, created through a process that involves cross-breeding two different varieties of fruits and results in an offspring that includes genetic characteristics from both parents."



Wheelhouse Coffee

photography / social media

Wheelhouse Coffee is located in the heart of the Denny Triangle neighborhood near downtown Seattle, Washington. This shop serves creamy, dark espresso from sister-shop and local Seattle original, Lighthouse Roasters. Nestled among rising skyscrapers, tech offices, and attractions, Wheelhouse offers a quiet, simple escape from the metropolis around it.

I spent time taking photos of Wheelhouse's many drink and food options, and helped gain traffic on their Instagram by curating social media posts, implementing regular scheduling, and engaging with customers online.